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Current Trainings

The Online Itinerant offers individual trainings available 24/7. Purchase individual training for $24.99 each or become a member of the Professional Academy and have unlimited access to all trainings and Monthly Meet-Ups all year long! All trainings provide a certificate of completion appropriate for PD. Trainings are also approved for the following: SHECH* (Michigan), CTLE (New York), CPDUs (Illinois) and RID credits - with more on the way!

Enlisting the Village

This workshop provides tips and tools for DHH teachers to be able to “enlist the village” and connect more fully with the team to provide ongoing inservicing, build relationships, and better communicate the impact of hearing loss, what the student’s needs are, and how to truly meet those needs. Tips and tools include: Email Schedulers, Loom Videos, automated check-in sheets, communication logs and daily planner pages.

60 minutes


The Itinerant TDHH - Where Do I Fit In?

Understand, identify and articulate the role of the Teacher of the Deaf and how that role merges with the responsibilities of the Interpreter, Audiologist, and General Education, Special Education Teachers and the student!  This workshop includes resources and charts to clarify and articulate your role and help you meet with your team to identify who does what.    Get a clear vision of your role on the team as well as be empowered to articulate this information to others!

30 minutes


Using the Gen Ed Curriculum for Intervention

Join Monica Faherty, founder of Rule The School, as she walks through how to use the general education curriculum for intervention. This training focuses on why you would use classroom based lessons for direct instruction and goes deep into the approach of using the evidence based concept of using storybooks with classroom materials to implement your IEP Goals.

INCLUDES SPECIAL BONUS MATERIALS:  Oliver Gets Hearing Aids E-Book and Booster Set! (A $5.99 Value!)

60 minutes


Assistive Technology for DHH Students

Telecoils, bluetooth connectivity and streaming devices - oh my! Gain knowledge about the impact mobile devices  are having on communication for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and what assistive technology is available to meet the needs of this population of students.

This module also includes information on TEPP and government programs that help provide funding for some assistive technology for DHH students.

 30 minutes


Captioning in the Classroom

In spite of new technology and best teacher intentions, many students who function as hard of hearing still do not have equal access to their education. Learn the who, what, where and hows of captioning.   

This training includes an exclusive assessment on how to identify if a student is a candidate for captioning as well as a step by step outline to help identify the best captioning resource to meet your needs.

60 minutes


Creating Peers When There Are No (DHH) Peers

Cultivating and developing friendships can be a real challenge for DHH students.  They may be the only student in the entire school with hearing loss.  And yet, it is critical to their identity for them to feel comfortable in who they are for them to be able to have positive relationships with others, excel at academics, and even advocate for themselves as they go through life.

45 minutes


An Administrator's Journey

Join Dr. Jennifer Zynda as she shares  her experience and perspective on how to best build collaboration and communication to meet the needs and impact the outcomes of students who are deaf or hard of hearing. Dr. Zynda discusses her journey through understanding social/emotional needs, interpreting, captioning, technology and more.  She will encourage, inspire, and empower you!

60 minutes


Considerations in Working with Deaf Plus Students

Join Becky DeGrave, Developmental Specialist and Teacher of the Deaf, as she discusses research, statistics and considerations in working with Students who are Deaf with Additional Disabilities.


Live Monthly Meet-Ups

Join us live each month to connect with a community of others, learn new skills and gain additional resources. Purchase an individual live Meet-Up for only $9.99 each OR become a member of the Professional Academy and have unlimited access to all current and future Meet-Ups afterwards.

Could It Be A Sensory Issue? Looking at Behaviors and Learning Needs of DHH Students

March 14, 7-8:00pm, 2019 CST

Bev Teeter, Cochlear Implant Specialist, WESP-DHH Outreach


Secrets of the Successful Itinerant Teacher: Finish Strong and Setting Yourself Up for Success in the Fall

April 11, 7-8:00 pm CST

Gail Wright, M.Ed, Author &Speaker


Is Captioning an Option? What You Need to Know About Captioning for Your DHH Student

May 9, 7-8:00pm CST

TJ DiGrazia, Chief Operating Officer, Alternative Communication Services


2019-2020 Meet Up Schedule

Stay tuned for our 2019-2020 Meet Up Schedule - coming this summer!

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*SHECH credits require small additional fee

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