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This is an "all-you-can-can-sign" program. 






The Signing Room is the fastest way to advance your signing skills.

This program is best for  someone with:

Basic Sign Language Proficiency including the ability to introduce family and fingerspell as well as have basic vocabulary for activities, people, places, and things.  This program is best for a person who has some basic conversational skills as well as people who have advanced skills who want to keep growing!


What you'll get:

  • Multiple DLMs (Deaf Language Models) that work 1:1 with you to build your confidence and your skills
  • Live sessions providing you with ongoing opportunities to work 1:1 with peers 
  • Meaningful conversations with others in sign
  • The convenience of your own home, through the internet.
  • Multiple opportunities each week to sign with others and practice your skills - come as frequently as fits in your calendar.  
  • Judgement free environment 


*  An internet connection of 600kbps/1.2Mbps or better

*  A webcam and regular-sized computer screen (no phones) with  good lighting 

*  A quiet and distraction-free environment during the class.

What People Are Saying:

It is only one hour but it's packed with opportunities to learn ASL receptively and expressively non-stop. The hour goes away like 10 minutes leaving me hungry for more.


Within a few weeks of my granddaughter's birth, we learned that Hannah is deaf. She is two years old now and is the only deaf member of our family. Her parents, two sisters (ages 9 and 4), an aunt, and my wife and I started learning ASL, mostly online, once her deafness was confirmed. My ASL journey commenced with an online tutor that used a college textbook to cover ASL 1 and 2 with me. After completing this I joined the Signing Room. The DLMs have been a great help and I have enjoyed interacting with each of them. It has also been a confidence builder to be able to communicate in ASL with my fellow hearing students. It can be slow at times but it is very encouraging to know that we can communicate with each other in ASL. This has motivated me to continue on the ASL journey for not only Hannah but for the new friends I've met within the deaf community.

Donald Cuddington (Grandparent)

As I prepared for the NIC while stuck at home during COVID, the Signing Room helped to keep me signing as I am unable to attend events, and while I have no signing students for the summer! It’s a really well-designed program and I’m really enjoying it. I have also recommended it to some former colleagues and ASL students that I think would benefit!

Rachel (Interpreter)

I like that there are different levels for people to go to the room and feel comfortable with whatever their signing level is. It builds confidence with my signing skills as well as teaching me new signs.

Michelle McGill-Vargasn (Teacher of the Deaf)