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On-Demand Access: Language Instruction Techniques for Students with Language Deprivation


Receive access to the recorded training afterward and view whenever you from any device, as often as you like until Labor Day 2024!

Join us we explore the strategies for language instruction and intervention with deaf and hard of hearing children who have experienced language deprivation. Develop an understanding of why children with language deprivation need explicit language instruction and delve into strategies for how to provide this. ASL-English bilingual strategies will be included throughout, as deaf children with language deprivation require a completely accessible language during intervention.

By the end of this training, you'll be able to:

  • Name two principles that drive language intervention with this population.
  • State why deaf children with language deprivation require explicit language instruction in a completely accessible language.
  • Name at least four strategies for language instruction with deaf children with language deprivation.