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The Online Itinerant offers everything you need to meet your training needs and connect with other professionals who work with deaf and hard of hearing students.  No subs!  No travel!  Access your trainings from the comfort of your own home, classroom, or even car!


Are you a school district wanting to purchase a membership for multiple employees? The Online Itinerant offers discount pricing for district memberships of 4 or more employees.

Announcing the 2019-2020 Season

The Online Itinerant and Supporting Success are working together to offer high quality professional development, Monthly Meet-Up presentations, and FaceBook ‘micro-learning’ posts. You can pay to view single webcasts, and/or become a member in the Professional Academy.

Announcing the newest additions to the Professional Academy

Surviving the Itinererant Model - Gail Wright (60 mins)
Working Together with Other Adults:  Demystifying Consultation and Collaboration for Teachers of the Deaf - Brittany Dorn (2 hours) 
Visualizing Vocabulary – Lynne Price (60 mins)
Accessible Classroom – Kathy Arnoldi (75 mins)
Literacy Support – Lynne Price (60 mins)
Administering the FLE – Karen Anderson (60 mins)
Minding the Gap; Counseling Strategies for Tweens and Teens with Hearing Loss – Kris English (60 mins)
Interpreting the Audiogram Meaningfully:  How does this students hearing loss impact educational performance? – Karen Anderson (90 mins)
5 Keys to Learning – Lynne Price (45 mins)
Great Instructional Materials for Great Outcomes – Gail Wright (60 mins)
Connectivity in the Classroom – Tina Childress (75 mins)
Children’s Literature as the Basis for Listening and Language Development – Laura Petersen (75 mins)


2019-2020 LIVE MEET-UPS

September 12:  Tina Childress, “Apps for Language Development”
October 10:  Abby Zoia and Jessica Klein, CID, "A Fresh Idea in Consulting"
November 14:  Karen Anderson,  "Digging Deeper: Legal Issues Supporting Students with Hearing Loss"
Dec 12:  Laura Plummer, “ Hearing Loss Technology: Leveling the Playing Field”
January 9:  Lou Rossetti, “Enhancing Caregiver Involvement for Children 6 and Under”
Feb 13:  Melinda Gillinger, “Supporting the Student who is Deaf Plus”
March 12:  Tiffany Hutchins  “Impact of Hearing Loss on Theory of Mind”
April 16 Kym Meyer, “Advocating for an Educational Audiologist”
May 14:  Brenda Wellen  “Wrapping up the School Year”


What is the Professional Academy?

Unlimited Access!

Access to all professional workshops* inside The Professional Academy, including access to recorded webinars and monthly Meet Up & Trainings.  Professional Academy Members have access to recorded monthly Meet-Up & Trainings, even if unable to attend live.

Certificates of Training are provided as evidence of Professional Development after each workshop.

Professional Academy members have immediate access to new workshops and trainings added throughout the school year.

(*The 2019 Supporting Success Virtual Conference does not apply)

Any Time! Any Place!


Professional Academy members get unlimited access to training videos and the Online Itinerant Online Community whenever and wherever you are, even on your mobile device.


Access the training of your choice and  watch it at your own pace any time during your membership.  



Online Interaction!

Monthly Meet-Up & Trainings are included in the price of membership in the Professional Academy.  This  monthly Meet-Up & Training opportunity is delivered live via Zoom and provides interaction with others, as well as Q&A time with the presenter.  Trainings occur in the evening to meet the needs of participants across the US.

In addition, opportunities to connect with other Professional Academy Members is provided within The Professional Academy as well as through other online forums, such as Facebook.



Multiple Trainings at Your Fingertips!

For less than the cost of your average conference, you can have unlimited access to all workshops*, monthly Meet Ups and The Online Itinerant's online community! Easy access to the trainings you want to see, when you want to see them. 

Working Together with Other Adults

Interpreting the Audiogram Meaningfully

Great Instructional Materials

Connectivity in the Classroom

Enlisting the Village

The Itinerant TDHH - Where Do I Fit In?

Using the Gen Ed Curriculum for Intervention

Children’s Literature as the Basis for Listening and Language Development

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