The Professional Academy

The Online Itinerant offers everything you need to meet your training needs and connect with other professionals who work with deaf and hard of hearing students.  No subs!  No travel!  Access your trainings from the comfort of your own home, classroom, or even car!


Now featuring Power Hour Mondays!

Join us every Monday and connect with others as you share resources, tips, tools, and secret hacks for success!  Brainstorm together how to break through your biggest challenges.  Leave empowered and equipped for the week ahead!


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The Online Itinerant and Supporting Success are working together to offer high quality professional development, Monthly Meet-Up presentations, and FaceBook ‘micro-learning’ posts.  You can pay to view single webcasts, and/or become a member in the Professional Academy.

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Are you a school district wanting to purchase a membership for multiple employees?  The Online Itinerant offers discount pricing for district memberships of 4 or more employees.  


What is the Professional Academy?

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Unlimited Access! 

Access to all professional workshops* inside The Professional Academy, including access to recorded webinars and monthly Meet Up & Trainings.  Professional Academy Members have access to recorded monthly Meet-Up & Trainings, even if unable to attend live.

Certificates of Training are provided as evidence of Professional Development after each workshop.

Professional Academy members have immediate access to new workshops and trainings added throughout the school year.

(*The 2019 Supporting Success Virtual Conference does not apply)

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Any Time!  Any Place!

Professional Academy members get unlimited access to training videos and the Online Itinerant Online Community whenever and wherever you are, even on your mobile device.


Access the training of your choice and  watch it at your own pace any time during your membership.  




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Online Interaction!

Monthly Meet-Up & Trainings are included in the price of membership in the Professional Academy.  This  monthly Meet-Up & Training opportunity is delivered live via Zoom and provides interaction with others, as well as Q&A time with the presenter.  Trainings occur in the evening to meet the needs of participants across the US.

In addition, opportunities to connect with other Professional Academy Members is provided within The Professional Academy as well as through other online forums, such as Facebook.


Join us for our Masterclass and Meetup

Building Speech Perception Skills During Academic Instruction


Part 1:  March 2 from 7-8:15 pm CST

Part 2:  April 6 from 7-8:15 pm CST

Part 3: May 4th from 7-8:15 pm CST


**Trainings will be recorded and available afterward**


This Master Class will feature 3 live sessions, each building on each other, that will guide and support you in applying new techniques and tools into your own environment and caseload.  Time for Q&A and coaching will be built into the Master Class, providing you with a powerful opportunity to truly implement new skills into your routine - improving your impact immediately!


 (A $99.00 training - FREE to Professional Academy Members!)

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Working Together with Other Adults

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Interpreting the Audiogram Meaningfully

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Great Instructional Materials

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Connectivity in the Classroom

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Enlisting the Village

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The Itinerant TDHH - Where Do I Fit In?

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Using the Gen Ed Curriculum for Intervention

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Children’s Literature as the Basis for Listening and Language Development




Join us live the first Tuesday of every month to connect with others and build your rockstar skills when it comes to working with students who are deaf or hard of hearing

MASTER CLASS:  Sept 1, Oct. 6 & Nov. 3rd, from 7-8:15 pm CST

Building Collaboration with Adults   taught by Brittany Dorn  

MONTHLY MEETUP  December 1, 7-8:15 pm CST

Self-Determination in Action: Creating Opportunities and Assessing Skills  taught by Kaitlyn Millen  

MONTHLY MEETUP  January 5, 1: 7-8:15 pm CST  

Tips for Teachers - From a Parent Perspective by Lisa Kovacs from Hands & Voices


MONTHLY MEETUP  February 2, 1: 7-8:15 pm CST

Cued Speech Myths BUSTED! taught by Karla Giese


MASTER CLASS:  March 2, April 6, May 4 at 7-8:15 pm CST

Building Speech Perception Skills During Academic Instruction taught by Julia West

Most students with hearing loss don’t receive support for improvement of speech perception skills. In this 3-part Master Class, Julia West, co-developer of the SPICE for Life Auditory Development curriculum, will show you how speech perception practice can be incorporated into lessons using materials from academic curricula and aligned with instructional standards.  Delivered in 3-parts, this Master Class will support you in gaining knowledge, implementing techniques, and guiding you through the unique challenges you face.  Never has there been a more supportive process to help you implement life-changing strategies that will give you more impact when working with your DHH students!

(A $99.00 training - FREE to Professional Academy Members!)

Bundle your Signing Room Membership

Bundle your Signing Room Membership with the Professional Academy and save $100 off your Professional Academy Membership!


With travel and conference budgets tightening it has been increasingly difficult for teachers of the deaf/hard of hearing to find professional development that will truly help them in their work with their students. Hooray for The Online Itinerant! There is now an option for professional development that not only has many relevant presentations on tap, but a thriving community and live Meet Ups so that teachers can also feel supported by one another. The Online Itinerant helps teachers deal with today’s issues in serving students with hearing loss!

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Karen Anderson, PhD.

Director, Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss


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Jenna Gabel, Teacher of the Deaf

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with both the Professional Academy. I have been a member of the Professional Academy for just under a year. I feel like it really fills a void in our field. I sit through a lot of trainings in my school district that don't always pertain to what I do, and it is so refreshing to be able to view trainings that are one hundred percent geared towards my job. I love the variety of experts that you have pulled together, and the variety of topics that are offered. The COVID meet-ups were also incredibly helpful when trying to teach in a very unprecedented time.   Thank you!!!

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Sherri Batts, Educational Interpreter

Very informative and great to have all the information in one place. Thank you for the wonderful attachments to use and to help remember things. This is great information and very professionally done

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Kearston Jose, Teacher of the Deaf

As a third year DHH teacher and one who had my first year of itinerant teaching this past school year, this website is such a great tool! The modules are very helpful, offer great insight, and I love that they can be done on your own time. The monthly meet ups are great as well, as it’s a time for us to share ideas and feedback with each other. I am looking forward to the future of the website!

Last updated on 07/28/2020