May Meet-Up

Is Captioning an Option? What You Need to Know About Captioning for Your DHH Student

May 9, 7:00-8:00pm, 2019 Central Standard Time

TJ DiGrazia, Chief Operating Officer,  Alternative Communication Services

TJ DiGrazia is back!  Captioing is no longer exclusive to the university setting!  In this Virtual Meet-Up, TJ will talk about the different types of captioning, their cost, technology needs, and how to open the door to this accessibility service for deaf and hard of hearing students K-12 students.    Participants will leave with the knowledge needed to identify if their student is a candidate for captioning and have the tools to set up the service quickly and efficiently in the fall if needed.

TJ has many years experience in the CART/Captioning industry. He is on the front line overseeing operations the entire family of companies, including ACS, EduCAPTION, Closed Caption Productions, PostCAP and Home Team Captions.   TJ will answer all your questions regarding captioning and help assist you in setting up a free trial if your student is a good candidate for this accessibility service.


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