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Vocabulary Development: Principles for Effective Instruction

Do you need some tips and tools to help you build literacy skills for your deaf and hard of hearing students that struggle with reading the English language?  This training will help you identify the basic principles for an effective vocabulary instruction program, help you move your students from working memory to long term memory when learning new vocabulary, build fluency, and provide tools to help you assess the needs of your students.  

(Approximately 80 Minutes)

Target audience:  Administrators, professionals and parents of children with hearing loss.

Participants will be able to:

  1. Identify the basic principles that undergird an effective vocabulary instruction program.
  2. Explain the cognitive rule that allows an individual to move a newly learned vocabulary item from Working Memory to Long Term Memory.
  3. Explain how to choose appropriate vocabulary words for their students.
  4. Explain why limited word recognition skills will seriously hamper reading fluency.
  5. Explain the benefits of a monthly cumulative vocabulary assessment.



Kristin DiPerri, Ed.D.

Literacy Development Specialist

Kristin DiPerri, Ed.D. is an independent educational consultant and literacy development specialist for Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. She has presented numerous workshops and presentations throughout the US and abroad to teachers of Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. For over 35 years she has worked as a classroom teacher, a researcher, an instructor in the Deaf Education program at Boston University and as the English Literacy Coordinator at a residential school for the deaf. For the past several years she had been consulting with several schools/programs in the US and internationally to implement new literacy programming approaches to meet the diverse literacy needs of DHH students. Through discussion and demonstration lessons, teachers receive training that is hands-on, comprehensive and applicable to their students. Materials and assessments provided to teachers support their personal needs for instruction. She is the author of several instructional publications: 5 workbooks for students, the Bedrock Literacy Curriculum and co-author with Todd Czubek of the Bilingual Grammar Curriculum. She is the owner of Bedrock Literacy & Educational Services.



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