Visualizing Vocabulary – Improving Word Association & Retrieval Skills

The purpose of vocabulary is to create a picture in the brain. This picture establishes word meaning based on association with other concepts. This session will provide ways to creating accurate and complex pictures, increases word retrieval speed and broadens word knowledge through expanded word association.

(Approximately 60 minutes)

Target Audience:  Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Learning Objectives: 

The participant will be able to:

1) Identify steps used to learn and retain new word knowledge.

2) Use strategies to increase word retrieval speed to support comprehension of oral language.

3) Identify techniques for expanding word association skills to support word knowledge and usage in context.


Lynne Price, Instructor

Lynne Price is a National Board certified teacher with 37 years of teaching experience. She is certified in the areas of Hearing Impaired, K – 12 Regular Education, and Reading. She has worked in both residential and public school settings – preschool through high school, and in all settings – separate through itinerant. She is fluent in sign language and cued speech and is trained in listening and spoken language skills (LSLS). In addition to teaching, Ms. Price has served as an administrator for hearing impaired services in the 16 th largest public school system in the nation, mentored staff, and developed programming and curriculum. She is the author of Steps to Success – A Scope and Sequence of Skills for Students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing: Perception, Processing, Self Knowledge, and Advocacy Development and coauthor of the teacher support webpage -Teaching Tools to Support the Success of Children with Hearing Loss.


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