Identifying Self-Advocacy Needs and Steps to Build Self-Advocacy Skills (7 hours)

This extensive 7  hour training will walk you through how to identify self-advocacy needs for children from transition to school at age 3 through high school.  You will learn the steps to Building Self-Advocacy Skills, including how to teach students about their hearing loss, self-identification of hearing challenges, and how to teach students to be a responsible communication partner.  Participants will learn how to develop and improve use of specific self-advocacy strategies as well as how to cultivate independence and responsibility in a student and how to teach them to become their own “Technology Specialist” when it comes to their hearing technology.

Learning Objectives: 

The participant will be able to:

1) Describe the steps to building self-advocacy skills in students with hearing loss

2) State ways in which progress can be monitored

3) Describe strategies for specific skill building with students

4) Use hierarchies and assessment tools to determine expected skill development

**This training is not included in the Professional Academy


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