You are ready for the Signing Room 1.5!


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You are on well on your way on your sign language journey!  To help advance your skills, we'd like to offer you our free E-Book, "Sign Your Way to Fluency;  41 Ways to Become Fluent in ASL."

In addition, we would like to personally invite you to the Signing Room level 1.5, launching soon!

By bringing you together with a community of others advancing their sign language skills, as well as Deaf adults, in a small group and 1:1 setting, we are able to give you conversational opportunities in a very natural format. And because we use the internet and on multiple days and times, you’re able to fit the Signing Room into your schedule, from any computer!

As a member of the Signing Room, you will meet together through a virtual format for an hour to practice your signing and get feedback from Deaf adults on how to improve your sign abilities.  Topics of conversation and conversation starters are provided the week before, allowing you to practice your skills prior to meeting with the group.


1.  Sign up for the Signing Room level 1.5.

2.  Download your free E-Book, "Sign Your Way to Fluency" and pick 2 or more strategies to focus on while working to advance your signing skills

3.  Watch for emails from the Online Itinerant with conversational topics of the week and practice these fun and engaging conversations!

Send me tips and tricks to advance my skills!