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The Online Itinerant has much to offer school districts!  The Professional Academy is a great way to offer professional development for your staff working with DHH students.   Discounts are available for multiple memberships within a school district/agency.

District memberships can be purchased through a PO. Please send POs to [email protected] Memberships will be added manually and email notification will be sent.

Level 1

For 4-6 Memberships

Districts providing memberships for 4-6 employees receive a 25% discount on every membership

Level 2

For 7 or more Memberships

Districts providing memberships for 7 or more employees receive a 30% discount on every membership

Why Become a Professional Academy Member?

Unlimited Access!

Access to all professional workshops* inside The Professional Academy, including access to recorded webinars and monthly Meet Up & Trainings.  Professional Academy Members have access to recorded monthly Meet-Up & Trainings, even if unable to attend live.

Certificates of completion are provided as evidence of Professional Development after each training.

Professional Academy members have immediate access to new workshops and trainings added throughout the school year.

(*Some exceptions apply)

Any Time! Any Place!

Professional Academy members get unlimited access to training videos and the Online Itinerant Online Community whenever and wherever you are, even on your mobile device.


Access the training of your choice and  watch it at your own pace any time during your membership.  


Online Interaction!

Monthly Meet-Up & Trainings are included in the price of membership in the Professional Academy.  This  monthly Meet-Up & Training opportunity is delivered live via Zoom and provides interaction with others, as well as Q&A time with the presenter.  Trainings occur in the evening to meet the needs of participants across the US.

In addition, opportunities to connect with other Professional Academy Members is provided within The Professional Academy as well as through other online forums, such as Facebook.

2018-2019 Monthly Meet-Up & Training schedule coming July 2!

Current Trainings


Enlisting the Village

This workshop provides tips and tools for DHH teachers to be able to “enlist the village” and connect more fully with the team to provide ongoing inservicing, build relationships, and better communicate the impact of hearing loss, what the student’s needs are, and how to truly meet those needs. Tips and tools include: Email Schedulers, Loom Videos, automated check-in sheets, communication logs and daily planner pages.

11 modules; Approximately 60 mins

Assistive Technology for DHH Students

Telecoils, bluetooth connectivity and streaming devices - oh my! Gain knowledge about the impact mobile devices  are having on communication for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and what assistive technology is available to meet the needs of this population of students.

10 modules; approximately 30 minutes


Understand, identify and articulate the role of the Teacher of the Deaf and how that role merges with the responsibilities of the Interpreter, Audiologist, and General Education and Special Education Teachers.

3 modules; 20 minutes


Cultivating and developing friendships can be a real challenge for DHH students.  They may be the only student in the entire school with hearing loss.  And yet, it is critical to their identity for them to feel comfortable in who they are for them to be able to have positive relationships with others, excel at academics, and even advocate for themselves as they go through life.

7 modules; 45 minutes


In spite of new technology and best teacher intentions, many students who function as hard of hearing still do not have equal access to their education. Learn the who, what, where and how students as young of 4th grade may benefit from captioning in the classroom to provide this access.  Learn the different types of captioning, identify if it may be an appropriate accessibility service, and find out how to provide it for your student/s!


The Professional Academy continues to add to its library of workshops. Members have access to all workshops during their 12 month membership.

2018-2019 Monthly Meet Up & Training Schedule

All trainings feature topics pertinent to the needs of DHH students, taught by experts in the field of Deaf Education. Certificates of Professional Development are awarded to those who complete the each training.

Last updated 8/23/18


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