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Assessments and Forms


Understanding the needs of kids with hearing loss goes far beyond academic achievement.

Hearing loss impacts many aspects of a child's life, including accessibility, speech perception, auditory discrimination, language perception/comprehension, language use, social communication, self-advocacy, fatigue, social/emotional development and more!

The ability to identify the global impact of hearing loss is critical when understanding needs and special education services for a student.

The Teaching Toolbox gives you assessments to help identify the global needs of a DHH student.  Easy to access and available on any device, these forms are all you need when looking provide Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing input when it comes to identifying the needs of your student.

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"I love the Teaching Toolbox!


As a new Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf, I didn't really know what to do when it came to assessing my students beyond what the SLP and special education teacher were doing.  The Toolbox is a God-send!   It gives me not only the information on WHAT to assess, but actually the tools to do the assessing.  I don't have to order anything and it's all easily accessible from my account.  Thank you Online Itinerant!"

-Amy, Itinerant Teacher of the Deaf

Auditory Proccessing

Who needs auditory processing activities?


Students with hearing loss generally have compromised processing systems.  In addition, many professionals who work with students with hearing loss also work with students with Auditory Processing Disorders.  The Toolbox has activities for any student who needs help building their processing skills.

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Auditory Training

Children with hearing loss need to be taught how to listen.

Their brains need to be taught how to make sense of the spoken language and environmental sounds they hear..

Auditory training curriculums can be pricey and bulkey to carrie around.  However, with the Teaching Toolbox, you'll have everything you need so embed auditory training into your time with your students.

The toolbox offers an assessment, scope and sequence of development, and activities for auditory trainings for all ages.

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Inservicing Materials

Inservicing goes beyond the beginning of year.

To really build understanding and awareness of how hearing loss impacts children, staff need ongoing support and training.  The teaching toolbox provides everything you need for inservicing - all year long.


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Handouts and Resources

For when you just want to print and go.

Need a handout that explains the Personal Microphone or an infographic that shows the role of the teacher of the deaf?  Look no further.  The Teaching Toolbox has it ready for you - just print (or email) and go.

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IEP Goals & Accomodations

Do IEPs make you panic?

If you wish someone could sit down with you and walk you through all the elements of an IEP - and what special considerations need to be documented for students with hearing loss - look no further.  The toolbox has everything you need to have shining IEP.

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It's all about language.

A strong language foundation is one of the biggest indicators of success for a student with hearing loss.

When it comes to language, the best way to build it is through natural conversation and play.  However, that can feel tough to provide when you don't have the right resources.  The toolbox offers you abundant resources to help you build language for your students who are deaf or hand of hearing - regardless the age or communication style.

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Self Identity

Do you have students who are alone in the mainstream?

It's hard for students when the feel different.  Building self-identity and supporting the social and emotional needs of deaf and hard of hearing students is critical.  And yet - what do you do when you don't have peers available?

The toolbox has loads of resources and lessons to help support the social/emotional and self-identity needs of your students.

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