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Increase your CONFIDENCE and SKILLS in meeting the needs of deaf and hard of hearing children.


Next Live Training and February Meetup

Living YOUR Passion;

Infusing New Energy into Your Life and Work

Thursday, February 2

7:00 pm -8:15pm CST

Presented by

Karen Putz, Deaf Author 

"Unwrapping Your Passion; Creating the life you truly want"

**On-demand access available during the checkout process**

Feeling overwhelmed, burned out, or just plain ole tired? Daily stress has a way of wearing you down. In this workshop, Karen will share how DHH teachers, educational interpreters  and parents can tap into the energy of passion and re-discover the joy in their day.  


Join us for our February Meetup!





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What Are People Saying About The Online Itinerant?

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Teiryn Shelton

Teacher of the Deaf

I wanted to thank you so much for your insightful training in the 5 Day Mastering the Itinerant Model Challenge. I work for a few different districts and managing my schedule is key to providing the services to my students. With your training, I was able to find a way to maximize my time and resources. Your training changed the game! I no longer use my personal time to stress over scheduling, Zoom links, and emails to teachers and I have that time back for myself. 

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Michael Soliday

Teacher for the Deaf  /Hard of Hearing,  Indianola, IA 

I am amazed at the vast resources offered by the Online Itinerant. The topics are right on target for information and ideas that could help make our job on the road to serve the students more easily with higher quality time. The site strives to produce quality materials and lessons. And the periodic meetings with other colleagues is quite helpful to share ideas and problem solve. This online site is a Godsend!!! 

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Kearston Jose

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Wausau, WI

As a third year DHH teacher and one who had my first year of itinerant teaching this past school year, this website is such a great tool! The modules are very helpful, offer great insight, and I love that they can be done on your own time. The monthly meet ups are great as well, as it’s a time for us to share ideas and feedback with each other. I am looking forward to the future of the website!

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Tracey Allen

Interpreter and DHH Teacher, Sugar Bush, WI   

I just have to say I LOVE what you are doing with the Online Itinerant. You and the amazing presenters have helped me tremendously in such a short time. Thank you so much for all you do. You are truly making a big impact in my life and early education/experience in this profession.

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Sherri B

Educational Interpreter, Guttenberg, IA           

Very informative and great to have all the information in one place. Thank you for the wonderful attachments to use and to help remember things. This is great information and very professionally done

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Kristin Laird

Itinerant Teacher for the Deaf, Dixon, IL

 Thanks for all that you do and offer for teachers of the deaf!  I enjoy every aspect of The Online Itinerant.  This is the best platform to support and improve delivery of services and student outcomes!


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Lyndsey Raffelson

Teacher of the Deaf, Austin, MN

Great Ideas and information. It's comforting to know all of us have some of the same struggles. To be able to problem solve or get ideas from other veteran itinerant staff really helps.

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 Gail Raney

Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

I just found the time to complete my first online training with the Online Itinerant and am very happy with the relevance of the information and the supplemental materials. The convenience of being able to watch these any time I want is a great convenience. I look forward to checking out the other available sessions. Thank you!

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Parent, Washington, IL

The Signing Room is welcoming, well-organized, and such a valuable resource! It's a language class, a support group, and deaf community all together. Truly, thank you so much for seeing this glaring need for parents and filling this gap. We are so grateful. 

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Laura and Alex

Parents, Fontana, CA

This signing program was awesome! Stefanie was great. We participated in this signing program to be able to communicate with our non-verbal 3 year old. While we had some basic signs, Stefanie was able to help us start having basic conversations. The online training and resources she had us use really helped us gain more confidence in communicating with each other and our son. We would definitely recommend this training! Thanks Stefanie!

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Parent, Alberta, Canada

I wasn’t sure what to expect and was hesitant on how the video chats would work, but the Signing Room has far exceeded my expectations. I get so much receptive and expressive practice every class with fellow parents and Deaf role models. I learn new vocabulary every single class and I get the opportunity to ask questions, clarify signs, and build relationships with my classmates and teachers. I took the plunge for the annual membership after my first class and have never looked back. 

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Roberta Estala

Teacher, AZ

The Online Itinerant is a valuable resource for me to learn about my new career!  Thank you!


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Stephanie Bauer

Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Coperstown, NY

This training was great!   I got several wonderful new ideas. It is a real community!