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Celebrating Pride and Being an Ally for Queer DHH Students


Our caseloads of deaf/hard of hearing students are very diverse and no one student is ever the same. As our world continues to change to be more inclusive (in many ways), it is important to acknowledge that our diverse caseloads probably also include queer deaf students. June is Pride Month, and our team at The Online Itinerant wanted to share some resources and ideas for being an ally to the queer deaf community and educate educators that may not be familiar with things like pronouns. Let’s start with the basics. Here, Chella Man and Nyle Dimarco share what it is like being queer and deaf for them. Nyle Dimarco and Chella Man on Being Queer and Deaf | Them.

Queer Signs
Rogan Shannon on YouTube shared a great video on queer signs if you would like to educate yourself. Here’s another from Chella Man and Nyle Dimarco.

ASL does not have gendered pronouns, but in English, many people (queer or not) have begun sharing pronouns when they introduce themselves, along with...

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