Get both memberships and save!

When you sign up for BOTH the Professional Academy AND the Signing Room at the same time, you save an extra $100.00 of your Professional Academy Membership!

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The Signing Room

Unlimited access to the Signing Room  where you can advance your signing skills in an immersive environment with peers and Deaf Language Models

The Professional Academy

Unlimited access to Professional Development from top experts in the industry and an incredible online community of professionals from all over the world

How Do I Bundle My Memberships?

Step 1

Interview for the Signing Room.  The Signing Room is an intermediate level program and requires a short 10 minute sign interview to confirm that the program is a good fit for your skills.

Step 2

Wait for your invitation to the Signing Room.  Each person who qualifies will personally be invited into the Signing Room.  

Step 3

Register for the Signing Room!  Upon completion of your annual registration, you will receive a coupon code to save $100.00 off your membership for the Professional Academy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Participants must bundle their memberships within 10 days of signing up for the Professional Academy.  If you are already a member of the Professional Academy, you will have the opportunity to add the Signing Room upon your renewal.  

The Online Itinerant accepts purchase orders!  Simply have your school request a quote for both memberships and you will get a quote reflecting the special pricing.

Since the Signing Room is not a beginning sign class, it is meant to be for people who already have basic skills and need a way to continue to build their fluency. Because of this, we have developed an interview process to insure that participants are the right fit to maximize their learning during this process.

Bundles are for annual memberships to both programs.  Your memberships are good for 12 months after you register.  You can cancel any time to stop automatic payment for the next billing cycle.

Interview for the Signing Room Today!


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