Our Deaf Language Models are here to explode your signing knowledge!

Deaf Langauge Models are deaf people that are passionate about helping you improve your signing and build your confidence. 

Deaf Language Models are Global

They live all over the United States and have a variety of backgrounds. We want you to be exposed to different styles of ASL. We all have various of backgrounds and no two deaf signers are the same.  No matter how long you've been signing, you'll always be learning new things!

What is a DLM?

DLM is short for Deaf Language Model. These are passionate deaf adults that aim to strengthen your sign. Grow your confidence in signing with DLMs. They will answer any of your questions and engage the conversation with you to make sure your signing is clear and conceptual.   Every session you join of the Signing Room, you'll have 1:1 time with a DLM.  Together you will identify your top areas of focus and they will work with you - at your pace and within your area of need - to advance your signing skills.

Meet our Deaf Langauge Models

Deaf people with passion!









Meet Our Facilitators

Our hearing facilitators make sure your communication needs are met so you never feel frustrated or overwhelmed



Hear what other people think of us


It is only one hour but it's packed with opportunities to learn ASL receptively and expressively non-stop. The hour goes away like 10 minutes leaving me hungry for more.


The Signing Room helps improve both receptive and expressive skills and is a "safe" place to be as you learn. Plus you make friendships with people all over the world.


The Signing Room provides a safe place to practice your signing skills!  I have the opportunity to chat with people from all over, learn new signs, meet new people and get more practice!

Robin Heckman

It's welcoming and fun.  It's nice to meet people from all walks of life and find that you have more in common than not.


I joined to improve my ASL, but I never expected the growth that has happened.

Talis Vitols 

Getting real experience with ASL is hard to find and the bite sized chunks are great.


This was my first time in Level 2 and I was nervous to try it since I have only been in the Sunday level 1.5 sessions. This session was soooo empowering for me since I realized that I need more practice reading fingerspelling but I also realized that I can understand a bit more than I thought. I am so excited!

Michelle McGill-Vargas

I like that there are different levels for people to go to the room and feel comfortable with whatever their signing level is.  It builds confidence with my signing skills as well as teaching me new signs.


I love this community so much! I look forward to my time every week. If I could fit more sessions into my schedule, I probably would. Everyone has been welcoming and supportive since my first day, and I have improved so much more than I thought possible before I joined. THANK YOU!!!

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