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Last month we had nearly 100 people join us live! 

We are now continuing the conversation and learning MORE about collecting data and ensuring IEP Compliance.   

Do you know how to write a SMART goal, but struggle with how to measure certain skills like self-advocacy? Do you want to make sure you are writing compliant IEPs, but need a way to check them for compliance? This two-part workshop will equip you with data collection tools for skills that may be challenging to measure such as self-advocacy, vocabulary, qualitative growth in academic subjects, and repairing communication breakdowns. We will dig into our data collection plans and then discuss applying your data to writing present levels and goals. Finally, we will review the most common reasons IEPs are often out of compliance and a checklist you can keep to monitor compliance with your own IEP writing. Get ready to fill your IEP writing toolbox!


Learner Outcomes: 

The participant will be able to:

1) State at least two examples of how to measure baseline skills and collect data to monitor progress toward IEP goals.

2) Write data-driven present levels aligned with SMART goals.

3) State at least two common IEP compliance issues and how to ensure they are writing compliant IEPs.

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