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 TWO Master Classes; Building Collaboration with Adults by Brittany Dorn Coffey

and Building Speech Perception Skills During Academic Instruction by Julia West.  



An Administrator's Journey, presented by Dr. Jen Zynda

Apps that Leverage Touch Technology, presented by Tina Childress

Assistive Technology for DHH Students, Presented by Kelly Rehbeck

Captioning in the Classroom, Presented by TJ DiGrazia

Could It Be A Sensory Issue? Presented by Bev Teeter

Creating Peers When There Are No DHH Peers, Presented by Stefanie KessenCued

Speech Myths BUSTED by Karla Giese and Heide Hebron

Enhancing Caregiver Involvement for Children 6 and Under, Presented by Dr. Lou Rossetti

Enlisting the Village, Presented by Stefanie Kessen

Hearing Loss Technology - Leveling the Playing Field, Presented by Laura Plummer

Impact of Hearing Loss on Theory of Mind, presented by Dr. Tiffany Hutchins

The Itinerant TDHH - Where Do I Fit In? , Presented by Stefanie Kessen

Legal Issues Supporting Students with Hearing Loss, Presented by Karen Anderson

Secret Hacks to Delivering Rockstar Itinerant Services, by Stefanie Kessen

Self-Determination in Action: Creating Opportunities and Assessing Skills, Presented by Kaitlyn Millen

Surviving the Itinerant Model, Presented by Gail Wright

Teaching Transition and Training Student Experts (Elementary),

Teaching Transition and Training Student Experts (Secondary) by Michelle Pandian

Tips for Teachers from a Parent Perspective, by Lisa Kovacs

.Understanding Assessments for Students with Hearing Loss, Presented by Mary Shaddox

Unilateral and Mild Hearing Loss CAN Be a Big Deal, Presented by Dr. Karen Anderson

Using the General Education Curriculum for Intervention, Presented by Monica Faherty

Vocabulary: Principles for Effective Instruction, Presented by Kristin DiPerri

Working Together with Other Adults: Demystifying Consultation and Collaboration for Teachers of the Deaf, Presented by Dr. Brittany Dorn

What is an Educational Audiologist and Do You Need One? Presented by Dr. Kym Meyer



Everything you need in your Teacher Toolbox - at your fingertips!  Assessments and forms and on-demand lessons and activities for Auditory Training, Language, Self-Advocacy, Self-Identity/Social-Emotional, Transition and Working Memory.  You never need to fill your trunk activities again!



Designed to provide support, share resources, and build relationships with others in the field, Super Groups meet at a time that works for YOU and supports you all year long.

Led by another member of the Professional Academy GOLD, this is a great opportunity to be mentored or to mentor others



Join us for our monthly meetups, happening the 1st Thursday of each month!


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