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February Meetup



7-8:15 PM CST


**on-demand access available**

In this workshop we will discuss grammar instruction for DHH students  across the US. This has traditionally been an area that incites many teachers to throw their hands up in frustration. One reason for this reaction is the paucity of relevant materials for effective grammar instruction. We will discuss the reasons behind less than optimal writing successes for many students that persist into 2022.

We will present an analogy that will help frame the challenge for DHH students, particularly those with little access to English. This will help teachers have a better understanding of what is needed to provide grammar instruction that will manifest in improved writing abilities. We will also differentiate between practicing and learning grammar and the resulting application this has for the TOD.

We will also provide some insight into effective language teaching when two languages are considered. Borrowing from effective bilingual instruction practices, we will discuss how using ASL to develop sophisticated grammar concepts is a way to improve grammar instruction. 


Participants will be able to: 


  1. Summarize the basic challenges in grammar instruction for the TOD with DHH students who do not have full access to English.
  2. Explain the difference between practicing and learning a grammatical element.
  3. Use the analogy provided to explain why language-deprived Deaf students will struggle to improve their writing given the traditional grammar instructional approach.

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