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DHH Students in the Classroom Part 2: Catching up on Captions

DHH Students in the Classroom Part 2:  Catching up on Captions

Presented by Sarah Kiefer, Center for Deaf/Hard of Hearing Education

Join us LIVE on Oct 7th from 7-8:15pm CST.



Education is changing. Advances in technology have helped to create more accessible educational 

materials. The pandemic has introduced the educational system to virtual education and a plethora of digital tools. Technological tools are booming! In order to remain relevant and competitive, digital resources are incorporating more and more accessibility features. Captions and subtitles are becoming more mainstream. This presentation will discuss current access barriers to learning, the benefits of captions for all students, automatic and real-time caption solutions, how to establish a captioning club in the school, and how to advocate accessibility features to adult audiences.

Learner Outcomes: 

The participant will be able to:

1) identify barriers to language in the classroom.

2) learn the benefits of captioning for various students

3) access both real-time as well as automatic subtitle solutions

4) develop steps to create a caption club within their school system

5) advocate for accessibility features 



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