Building Speech Perception Skills During Academic Instruction MASTER CLASS

**Included in the Professional Academy** 

Part 1: Effective Auditory Therapy Evidence & Structure

Part 2:  Auditory Therapy in the Classroom Phonemes & Words

Part 3: Auditory Therapy in the Classroom Sentences & Discourse


This Master Class  features 3  sessions, each building on each other, that will guide and support you in applying new techniques and tools into your own environment and caseload. 

Speech perception has been shown to improve with direct instruction, yet, most students with hearing loss don’t receive support for improvement of speech perception skills. Julia West will show you how speech perception practice can be incorporated into lessons using materials from academic curricula and aligned with instructional standards. This course will cover a wide range of speech perception skills: detection, identification, memory and comprehension that can be practiced in the context of any academic subject area.  


Learner Outcomes:

  • Participants will be able to cite research showing benefit of auditory speech perception instruction. 
  • Given a specific listening task, participants will identify the speech perception skills required.
  • Given an academic standard, participants will plan a speech perception activity and describe how to implement it during instruction.


Julia West


Julia West, co-developer of the SPICE for Life Auditory Development curriculum, has worked with students who are deaf or hard of hearing in listening and spoken language settings for over 25 years. She taught grades K-8 for 20 years at Central Institute for the Deaf and preK to grade 12 as an itinerant. She was an instructor at Washington University Program in Audiology and Communication Sciences, and contributor to the Supporting Success for Students with Hearing Loss website and Teacher Tools e-zine.