APD/CAPD-Foundational Auditory Skills for Learning and Communication MASTER CLASS


In this game-changing 2-part workshop you will receive an introduction to Auditory Processing Disorder, its manifestation, educational impact, and screening.


Target Audience:  Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Participant Outcomes:

1) understanding of the auditory processing disorder and it’s manifestation.

2) knowledge of the educational impact of APD

3) knowledge of screening for APD

4) knowledge of available interventions for APD

5) an understanding of the categories in APD

6) an understanding of the different therapies for APD

7) an understanding of who will benefit from therapies for APD


Dr. Elizabeth D'souza

Dr. Elizabeth D’souza has a Master’s degree in Speech Pathology and Audiology from the All India Institute of Speech and Hearing and a Doctorate in Audiology from A T Still University. Her 30+ years of experience include working with children and adults with communication disorders. Her career path and passion has led her to a specific interest in (C)APD. She currently works in the public school setting providing speech-language and audiology services. She looks forward to serving the unique needs of each student.