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The Online Itinerant provides support, information and resources for family members learning about the educational, language, and social/emotional needs of a child with hearing loss.  We are continuing to grow and will be adding opportunities and resources for families with children who are deaf or hard of hearing.  Join our mailing list to stay up to date on our most current offerings!


Current Trainings

An Administrator's Journey

Join Dr. Jennifer Zynda as she shares her journey as an administrator understanding the needs of DHH students, professionals and families as she learned about the social/emotional needs of students, working with interpreters, understanding captioning and other technology and more. Dr. Zynda will share her experience and perspective on how to best build collaboration and communication to meet the needs and impact the outcomes of this unique population of students. She will encourage, inspire, and empower you!

60 minutes

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Captioning In the Classroom

In spite of new technology and best teacher intentions, many students who function as hard of hearing still do not have equal access to their education. Learn the who, what, where and how students as young of 4th grade may benefit from captioning in the classroom to provide this access.  Learn the different types of captioning, identify if it may be an appropriate accessibility service, and find out how a school can provide it for your child! 

60 minutes

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Assistive Technology for DHH Students

Telecoils, bluetooth connectivity and streaming devices - oh my! Gain knowledge about the impact mobile devices  are having on communication for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and what assistive technology is available to meet the needs of this population of students.

10 modules; 28 minutes

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Considerations in Working With DeafPlus Students

Join Becky DeGrave, Developmental Specialist and Teacher of the Deaf, as she discusses research, statistics and considerations in working with Students who are Deaf with Additional Disabilities.



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Parent Intermediate Sign Language Pilot Program

The Online Itinerant is offering an Intermediate Sign Language Pilot Program for parents who already have a sign foundation but would like to advance themselves to the next level of proficiency. This program will run for 6 weeks from January 8-February 12, from 7:00-8:00 pm CTS. Interested parties need to interview for this special opportunity!

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