The Signing Room


Research shows that the best way to build language is to participate in ongoing give-and-take dialog.  The Signing Room will do that through Deaf Language Models and other intermediate level peers wanting to increase their sign language abilities through natural conversation and dialog.   

By bringing you together with a community of others advancing their sign language skills, as well as Deaf adults, in a small group and 1:1 setting, we are able to give you conversational opportunities in a very natural format. And because we use the internet and on multiple days and times, you’re able to fit the Signing Room into your schedule, from any computer!  


As a member of the Signing Room, you will meet together through a virtual format for an hour to practice your signing and get feedback from Deaf adults on how to improve your sign abilities.  Topics of conversation and conversation starters are provided the week before, allowing you to practice your skills prior to meeting with the group.


If the Signing Room isn't the right fit for you for any reason, you can cancel within 7 days.  No questions asked!  Simply go into your account any cancel any time.

This membership includes:

  • Membership into the Signing Room, THE program that will take  your beginning/intermediate sign language skills and excel them to advanced and fluent levels at record speed.
  • Incredible Deaf Language Models that work 1:1 with you to build your confidence and your skills.
  • Multiple opportunities each week to practice and build your confidence while working 1:1 with peers. 
  • 3 month “all you can sign” stretch, with multiple days and times that you can participate.   This is the time period that you "stretch" yourself a little bit further in your signing skills!
  • Opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations with others in sign - building your vocabulary and ability to have in-depth conversation 
  • The convenience of your own home, through the internet.
  • Flexibility - you choose what days and times you want to come - as frequently as fits in your calendar.  NO LIMIT!


  •  A quarterly “Strategy Call” that will help you set and achieve your goals.
  • A special “Ask Me Anything” Session with a Deaf Language Model or myself on anything from signs for different specialized topics (such as math, science, or spirituality) to what it’s like growing up deaf in a hearing family.
  • Access to a special interview with Lia Chapman, “Adventures of a Deaf World Traveler.”



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